your E Session

Get comfy and relaxed, our philosophy is to enjoy and have fun. So packing a picnic basket, or doing an activity is always encouraged.
The best time of day is in the evenings preferably at golden hour, it is usually nice to do something in contrast to what your wedding day will be. ie. a winter shoot, a summer wedding, but of course the main thing is to take the time out. The session will take approx one to one and half hours.
We don’t want it to feel too ‘we are having our portraits taken’ so dress relaxed, and bring a change of clothes if you can’t decide!

Engagements sessions are priced at $550 or $350 for couples who also book their wedding with us. Additional cost may apply for travel.
Ask about guest book packages.. and yes you can bring your dog, ride your horse, sleigh ride through the snow, just ask us!
We look forward to telling your story.