I am a full time photographer, mother, wife, and country girl born and bred. Based in Wagga Wagga NSW I am also up to travelling further afield. I like chasing the natural light, I have a pretty relaxed feel to how I shoot. I don’t want people to feel the pressure of traditional photography, that’s pretty much my philosophy. Relax and enjoy.


we get asked all the time when is the best time to shoot?  hands down without a doubt the best time to shoot is that sweet hour we like to call  ‘golden hour’ or ‘magic hour’ right before sunset.

If it is your wedding day and you are in the planning stages, consider the option to use this time for some quiet ‘one on one’ time with just you and your new husband or wife, you seriously won’t regret it.  Logistics wise, it is just a matter of a little planning ahead of time, talk to your caterers or MC, chances are you may  have already started your reception and the party is well and truly started, you may even be able to slip out for 15 mins without too much fanfare.

Of course we can’t guarantee an epic sunset, but regardless of what the sky on your wedding day will  conjure up, from experience this is the BEST time to get those intimate portraits, no bridal party, no lights , no cameras (kidding .. we will be a little further back off in the distance so you can have some time together to just take it all in)

YES of course we shoot earlier in the day, but unless you have also hit the ‘overcast day ‘ jackpot we like to avoid full sun if it is  bright and sunny  (depending on the time of the year that is  around 11 am-4pm.. or 5pm as the days get longer). Finding some shade at this time of day is essential. We will try our best  to avoid harsh shadows making for softer images and a happy camp of bridal party goers who won’t need to squint and be getting hot and sweaty.

Sunset hour, its a yes, yes and YES


let the adventure begin