SERVICEM8  this program is an affordable answer to keeping track of all your bookwork, remember it will also sync to Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks, ideally sign up with a CERTIFIED PARTNER who can offer you set up assistance if you need – the partner I use is Jodi @ Fippet and can be contacted at info@fippet.com.au – she is a business owner herself and understands how small business works. She welcomes clients even if they don’t pay for “set-up” services as she receives a commission directly from ServiceM8 to provide this service. When you are ready for a free trial, Follow this LINK – then contact Jodi and  you will get  a bonus 50 free job credits!!! yah

BLOGSTOMP is an easy way to compile AND upload your images to your blog,  quote the code “peppermintstomp” if you wish to purchase

PHOTOMECHANIC makes culling easy, remember it saves time when files are not rendering!

FOTOMAGICO     slideshow editing made EASY

CANVA.. graphic design

DASHLANE passwords

FUNDY album design

PRO PHOTO BLOG templates

STICKY ALBUMS  mobile phone album sharing



remember to use your words to tell your clients exactly what you mean;  eg.  Thank you so much for your email – I hope your wedding plans are going well – We are looking forward to your day – thanks again for contacting us  etc.


good communication means nothing if you can’t keep track of your emails and clients!!


inject personality into your business, our favourite social media tool for this is Instagram, remember your clients expect you to be human!

LOVE your clients

treat every single wedding or portrait like its the one and only. It is special, be genuine and passionate about what you do


Your image is not only buy provigil 200 what content that you show, but  its how you act and conduct yourself. Your clients don’t need to be EPIC .. you do!



We are photographers so blogging so much as one image a month  should be easy and it will help you reach out to Google and your clients!  make sure you don’t include the blog images on your social media.. but tease them with something else.  All images posted need to have your search words eg.. Christchurch Wedding Photogapher_ Vineyard Wedding.

GOOGLE also loves a google review! so ask your people to review your business. Remember you need to be logged in with a google account.

GET SOCIAL and USE YOUR PHONE  making excuses that you don’t have time for your social media will change once you start playing on your phone and get comfortable with talking to your clients.. make a cup of coffee, have a sit and have a search through these hashtags (on instagram or facebook)




etc !  are you on it!  GET ON IT

Don’t forget,  if you are wanting to use your REAL images, you need to put them in a dropbox folder/or similar on your phone.

LASTLY..Remember to acklowledge your strengths and weaknesses, if you know you are really bad with words, take particular care or find a word mentor,  that is..  a friend or someone who will read over your blog post for you.  Social Media is an easy one, find a 15 year old!!!!   But seriously, you can make online marketing work for you and your business, its just a matter of getting out there and doing it.

your special thank you card template  for attending  LETS DO THIS  .. IS HERE