I am a full time photographer, mother, wife, and country girl born and bred. Based in Wagga Wagga NSW I am also up to travelling further afield. I like chasing the natural light, I have a pretty relaxed feel to how I shoot. I don’t want people to feel the pressure of traditional photography, that’s pretty much my philosophy. Relax and enjoy.

The Q & A

Do you have experience?   I have been shooting weddings for over 10 years.  Peppermint is my baby, and with bases around the region including Wagga Wagga,  Griffith and Albury I have racked up quite a few notches regarding weddings. Included in the team is the super talented Eliza as well as various contracted professional associates from around the country and globe.

Will you travel, and how much will that cost us? it is actually cheaper than you think, we charge per km after the first 50 kms from our local zones. If the job will take us further afield that won’t apply to you, instead ask for a travel quote. Remember we love shooting in different locations and to encourage the adventure we offer special rates for WAY outta towners!  New York anyone?

How do I secure you for a wedding date? A $1000  dollar non-refundable booking fee is the only way to secure the date. We absolutely DO NOT want you to feel pressured to book. However on the other hand we don’t want to disappoint.

Is the booking fee an additional cost? The booking fee is a partial payment for your wedding photography,  ie. it comes off the total amount you owe when your wedding day comes around.


What do we get?  All packages include the edited digital files along with complimentary prints very cheap viagra (depending on the package) you can purchase further products from an ala carte menu. We also will send a preview gallery with approx 60 to 100 images of the day sized for online and email sharing.

How long does it take to get images?   Turn around time is 6 to 8 weeks. You will receive images via mail on USB. (remember your preview gallery will come in the first fortnight)

When do you require full payment?  For weddings, full payment is required the week prior to your big day.

What are the copyright details?  All images taken are the copyright of Peppermint Studios that is you can’t sell images or use images for commercial use without written consent from the Studio. Having said that we are pretty lenient for you to share within reason, just remember to ask first.

Are you insured?  We follow all standard professional practice regarding insurance including  public liability insurance. All equipment is serviced and maintained.. WE triple back up everything and of course have back up gear on your wedding day.

Can I print my images myself?  Yes you can print, share and use as you please for your  personal use only. Note PERSONAL use, again if you are wishing to use them commercially please ask for details on commercial copyrights.

I printed my images myself and the colours don’t look right?   …hmmm basically if you get your images printed yourself PLEASE don’t go to Kmart. Sad emoji here.  We offer full lab services, it is more expensive but the old saying is ‘you get what you pay for’

I love seeing images on your instagram but what if I don’t want to be on social media?

We love sharing beautiful images, however we also respect your privacy. Please talk to us before your day so we are aware of all your wishes regarding sharing on social media. These are your wedding images and we are totally fine if this is the case.

What if I lose my copy of my  images, do you keep a copy We have backups, and backups of backups.  Your images are your responsibility, however if the worst thing happens and you lose your images we always will have a copy.

You shoot lots of glamorous weddings, will you want to do our little backyard wedding? Absolutely yes, we shoot REAL couples, just ask us

You never show formal family portraits on your website, is this something you do? of course there are a lot of formalities that happen on a wedding day that you don’t get to see here! family photo time DOES HAPPEN and it is so important to get this right, even if it is just for Nana’s fridge. Trust me she will love it. I just prefer showing stuff that is more candid.

What about same sex couples?  Love is love and we have already put it out to the universe .. its a YES

What if it rains and the weather is bad? if it is a portrait we reschedule. If it is a wedding  and it is not a full blown cyclone we get out in it (pack some extra shoes and an umbrella or two)  TRUST us sometimes the best photos occur when all your plans are tipped on end. Plus we will have a wet weather plan/ verandahs undercover locations that you didn’t even think of

Do you use lights and flashes? we prefer natural light, however certain conditions do require some assistance, we have a system of on-camera flashes that will not be intrusive to your day.

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