Finally getting the chance to write about something a little personal, and something that took me out of my comfort zone. Yep, not taking pictures! not behind the camera,  but my first big speaking gig. It happened to be across the ‘ditch’ in Christchurch NZ.

It came about thanks to my involvement with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers). This group of Professional Photographers is a community that I don’t get to hang with as much as I would like to, that is only due to the fact that living ‘in the bush’ and not being in a capital city tends to restrict me.  Still, only good things have come about since my involvement with this group like meeting my mentorlike winning awards and meeting other professionals, some who have become good friends and many who have  influenced me in some way. Being asked by the NZIPP to speak in front of other professional photographers would have to be up there in  those stakes!  I was a little daunted and surprised, why me?  what can I share.

It would turn out that after five (short years) in business I have learnt a lot and achieved a lot. The Kiwis just wanted to know how I went  about that, and why Peppermint has that  ‘touch and feel’ aspect. I went from daunted, to fairly excited, not to mention how proud I was by what I have achieved.   I feel indebted to my clients, it is due to their trust and support and for allowing me into their lives that I have achieved this. To all those Wagga Wagga brides and grooms who let me express myself,   climb that hill and do that  ‘Peppermint thing’ . Thank you.  That thing that you encouraged me to do was show genuine, real images. There be no posing with that champagne on the dancefloor boys! this is Peppermint Studios. LETS DO THIS! Apparently I say that a lot, hence I needed a name for my four hour talk .. ya. four caffeine induced hours at studio TANDEM in Christchurch, you need to check those guys out speaking of wedding photography!  For now its getting back into my comfort zone, organising many images and albums and prints to go out to their prospective homes before Santa comes. Doing a job I love and looking forward to time away from work with my family and friends .. and looking just as more forward as ever for 2016.

Thanks again one and all for your support.   x Tina

Wagga Albury Griffith photographers100 Wagga Albury Griffith photographers101

Photo credit ‘behind the scenes’ by Eliza Bingham

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