so today I say goodbye to my little blog, we have finally moved house. Nothing really has changed just some different IT fango jango.. I have so many gorgeous weddings to share I don’t know where to start.  Of course a little sadness to say goodbye to the old blog, so many stories and beautiful memories, looking back behind as we close the door and open a new chapter.

But never fear those stories are not lost, no bulldozing or demolition is happening just yet, that old blog will hang out in cyber space for sometime. My original blog was called life is delicious. Thats right, it did sound a bit  like a foodie blog I know, but when I started this crazy game I wanted something to describe what my blog was all about. It is still about the love, the happiness, the tears and the laughter and the deliciousness of real life..   and just for the record that old blog can be found at  or better still go search a wedding featured HERE

 Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0367Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0384Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0410Albury wedding photograper wagga wagga and griffith weddings1Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0368Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0369Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0406Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0405Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0403Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0385Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0389Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0397Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0394Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0391Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0383Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0370Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0412Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0413Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0415Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0401Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0393Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0400Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0407Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0396Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0392Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0404Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0411Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0414Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer_0409Albury wedding photograper wagga wagga and griffith weddings2Albury wedding photograper wagga wagga and griffith weddings6


wow Tina that is amazing ….. Your the best