Anthony + Antionette (Griffith wedding)

June 5, 2015

Antionette and Anthony’s day started in true Griffith form. Good coffee, and an abundance of biscotti baked no doubt with love *(seriously I love Italians) add some pretty awesome elements of style, like our brides fabulous Leah Da Gloria gown , thats gown #1 noted, throw in a wedding party that is ready to ‘part-ay’ like rockstars (oh yeah we made it the AM with this one)  and top it off in true form with a big old party that only the Yoogali Club Griffith can do. Thanks so much to my awesomely gorgeous second shooter,  Eliza Bingham. Thanks also to Vince from Midstate Video for helping us navigate the back alleys and laneways, and once again to the wonderful hospitality of the family and friends. Wow, thanks Griffith NSW, I will be back soon, just give me a tick to recover. Grab a coffee, kick back, hope you enjoy this tiny snippet from Antionette and Anthony’s super smashing Autumn wedding day.