Joe and Bianca

June 21, 2013

When I first met Joe and Bianca and we discussed their wedding day, I quietly shuddered at the prospect of my first Italian wedding. My ‘holy cow!  thought bubble’  was visable. I pictured the over the top wedding party and lots of white marble (not sure where the marble came in, but you understand that I had my concerns)  Turns out Joe and Bianca’s wedding was better than I could have even imagined.. take all the good things like the food, the wine, the coffee, the festivities and the amazing families.  Minus the cliche’s  and throw in a contagiously fun bridal party, a fashionable early morning ceremony at 10.30am, a seriously awesome Mexican inspired photoshoot, and one of the best parties ever at the beautiful Westend Winery just on the outskirts of Griffith NSW

I could go on and on about Joe and Bianca’s day, the story of the how they met, the proposal at Abbey Road, the love story was infectious. This celebration was purely and simply full of love, with so many friends and family sharing this day and making it so special. FAMILIES, will just say that word again, because by the end of this amazing day I honestly felt like this WAS how an Italian wedding was meant to be. And by the time I had said my goodbyes, I felt I could have loved them like my own.  Thank you Mum, yes, I will take an extra plate of Biscotti gladwrapped and home.

Hope you enjoy these images from this very fine day. xt


Wagga Wagga Wedding Photographer

at Calabria Winery  Griffith